Most Common Complaints and Errors in Windows

How to fix the error?

It is sufficiently simple to fix with a basic bit of error taking care of, lets take the model above by utilizing a basic IF STATEMENT


This implies, in the event that C2=0, at that point enter zero, in any case, B2/C2

We should now take a gander at the #VALUE! error. This I would state is the error that happens generally incessant. This error will be shown when an inappropriate sort of contentions or operands are utilized. [An operand is essentially things either side of an administrator in a recipe and these operands in Excel can be either values, cells references, names etc.]

A fast guide to clarify


In the event that both of the cells above didn’t contain a number ie one contained a bit of text, at that point we would get the extremely famous #VALUE! error showed.

How to fix the Error?

Check your equation boundaries have the right information types in the above model B1 and B2 ought to contain numbers. That ought to understand your error.

We would now be able to move onto the #REF! error. In Excel this error alludes to invalid cell references, which happens when a recipe itself contains erroneous cells references. This you will discover occurs if-

1.Any sections or lines containing information utilized in the recipe have been erased typically incidentally!

  1. A real recipe has been duplicated or moved to another cell and the referring to is then erroneous.
  2. Information utilized in the recipe has been moved to another area leaving the equation or capacity with mistaken referring to.

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