Real Estate Chatbot: The Agent that Charges neither Salary, nor Commissions

Technology alone is not enough. We also must put the heart.

The real estate chatbot is finally here! I have installed 7 chatbots for realtors on landing pages this May alone. And the trend continues.

If you are not working with a real estate chatbot yet, start thinking about one, because the main digital transformation comes to the real estate sector from the hand of the chatbot. They are here to stay and in less than 1 year I am sure that at least 50% of the agencies will implement it.

The Chatbots for the real estate business have become the best friend of the real estate agent to convert visitors to a website into leads. These bots do not “get customers”, as some say. What the chatbot does is convert a potential interested party into a more potential interested party. Chatbot-on-your-real estate-website

They do not do all the work, they do not do the most important work, but they are the ones who filter potential clients by asking and answering questions, showing real estate alternatives, making appointments with real estate agents, capturing emails, and saying good morning in Chinese Mandarin if necessary.

For those who are not very clear, a real estate chatbot is Artificial Intelligence (AI) software designed to perform a series of tasks independently and without the help of an agent. For example, bots could make a reservation to visit a home or collect customer data to send them information.

The most common model is that of the virtual robot with the ability to simulate a conversation with a person, and therefore, they are increasingly present in the real estate sector.

Now, let us. not think that having one of these bots on your real estate website is like making fried eggs. The chatbot for the real estate business have their limits and must be integrated into a funnel real estate sale.

Can Real Estate Chatbots Generate Leads?

Much nonsense has been written about these chat robots, which make you believe that they are like a real estate agent who does not charge a salary or commission.

The only thing real estate chatbots do, and they do it extremely well, is get more leads or requests for information on a landing page or on a website. In the end it just does that.

To make things clear to those who are hallucinating in color with real estate bots, a chatbot is not worth. if the landing page where it is located is poorly designed and its content, (description of the property, photo video, etc.), is mediocre and if the emails generated by the chatbot with a sequence of emails are not managed well. I know from experience.

The chatbot is an ideal complement to get MORE LEADS which are generally higher value requests.

The Chatbots for real estate must be understood. Some real estate agents believe that part of the new technological revolution that is coming to the real estate sector is to put a “doll” with an antenna on its head, in the lower right part of the web page saying 4.

Well, it’s not that easy. To get sales with a real estate chatbot, (I am talking about sales, not 300 leads in a week to impress a fool), you need a landing page and a good sequence of emails, you need the chatbot to have a very subtle lexicon.

“Hello, good morning, I’m Sara…. I am your virtual assistant…. Do you like the property you see? Robot-chat-real estate

What is your phone number? And your email?

This type of text in a chatbot is bland, bland, neutral, does not fall in love, does not attract attention, is boring and does not generate requests for information, even less reservations for visits to a property. A chatbot with the right text works wonders.

Let us see if we can clarify. You invest $ 200 dollars in a 15-day campaign on Facebook to bring traffic to your website where you have the doll with the antenna. Paying $ 0.80 per visit, (interaction), you get 250 visits to the website for 15 days. If of these 250 visits only 12 interact with your chatbot, something is very wrong. If it were 25, we could still save the ship. However, If there are 50 or more who interact with the bot and leave you their data, then we are on the right track.

And that they leave you their data!

Here is the 1st key to using a real estate chatbot. There is no doubt that many visitors to your landing page will open the window and see what this chatbot says; Another thing is that they get involved in the conversation and keep it until the end giving you the information you ask for.

The Real Estate Chatbot. My Relationship with Them Started with Bad Foot.

Early in my relationship with the antenna dummy, I was disappointed. According to the statistics of the chatbot, only a small percentage of those who opened the bot left us their data and of them very few, from 1 to 6 maximum, gave their phone number for the agent to contact them. I was a bit disappointed with this Chatbot for real estate: what is it and what benefits does it have? He asked me again.

But things were even worse. The percentage of people opening the bot was quite low compared to the landing page visitors. This did not look good, it looked bad.

The first thing we did was analyze the 2 campaigns on the client’s Facebook in which we had invested $ 152 dollars in 15 days. Had you segmented your audience well? Were the ad text and images correct? In principle yes because it had already achieved good results in the past without a chatbot. Chatbot-for-the-real estate-market

Was the landing page well designed? Was there a mistake in the content? In principle everything seemed correct. So, the problem was the chatbot. Couldn’t they have sold me the bike with this artificial intelligence applied to the real estate sector? I thought not, but … let us investigate.

I got in touch with the company that created the chatbot for me and told them what was going on. They told me that they would check the statistics, they asked me how I had configured the chat and that they would call me. At 4-5 hours I receive a Skype call from the company to tell me to translate the content of the chat, because they do not know Spanish. This detail escaped me, I forgot that these English guys did not speak Spanish.

Once I gave them the translation, they told me and they showed me that this was not the correct text for the friend of the antenna, that the text of the Chatbot needed another type of approach and they gave me an example.

The result we started to get with this new text and approach was like giving the chatbot gas to drink. Interactions increased, because we put the chatbot in a different place and of those who opened the bot, more than 50% left us their data. In addition, the number of people who left their phone increased.

How do we get it? Knowing how to ask what we wanted to ask and knowing what questions to ask and in what order to get them to willingly leave us the phone and be interested in booking a visit to the property.

We learned a whole lesson in “artificial intelligence” psychology that was only part of the potential that a real estate bot offers you.

The second part is knowing what to do with the database that you will get through the chat.

Therefore, we created a sequence of 15 emails to send each day to the people who registered in the chat database and we are realizing that many potential customers are coming out of this database. Potential clients who either call you or send you an email so you can call them.

It only remained to create a script to make those calls and another to receive those calls.

Did you know that at least 40% of the phone or email contacts that a real estate agent receives are lost in that first contact? Therefore, the above scripts are so important.

Given the question that I have been asked on more than one occasion: can chatbots help improve the real estate industry? Yes.

The Real Estate Chatbot. Not just for Landing Pages.

Real estate chatbots are not just used to get leads on landing pages. You can program them to appear on each of the pages of your website and with a different dialog on each page. This is great!

You can create Chatbots for the real estate market. A bot to interact with owners, another with potential buyers, another to offer valuation services, another to provide information on mortgages; to show your property listings in Blue world city Islamabad or the latest articles from your real estate blog or to request information on a home to rent.

What is more, you can program your bot so that the chatbot is what appears on your screen after several seconds or that the dummy of the antenna of the antenna appears as if by magic when someone is going to leave your website.

Hey! Where are you going? Relax cousin. Do not go yet, I have a gift for you! Shall we talk? … Did you know …?

There are texts to include chatbots in these abandonment situations, which when read make the person who reads it feel guilty about leaving the website. No, it is not the one I have included above. They are much more elaborate.

You can even program in the chatbot with moving images, gifs, videos, icons, etc. in sequential messages to increase interaction improved user experience.

These chatbots can optimize the work of real estate agencies, helping executives, brands, and publishers to have a better approach with their public, knowing them more and improving the way they communicate with them.

You can link a real estate chatbot to an auto responder to collect the data of the person who interacts and send him information by email: informative guides, articles from your blog, attendance at an open house. Using real estate email marketing with a chatbot as a recruitment tool will mean a before and after in your real estate business.

I recommend that you start to familiarize yourself with chatbots right now, because they have come to stay and in less than 2 years you will see them on almost all real estate websites.

Above all, because a real estate chatbot allows you to reduce response times for all potential clients who visit your real estate website.

When a real estate agent can take hours to answer a request from a potential client, if we install the chatbot the answers are instantaneous, so that the service is improved. This is how real estate trends are born. When we generate effectiveness at work.

The Real Estate Chatbot and Facebook. ManyChat

You can do the same on Facebook. The fastest way to install a Facebook Chabot for your real estate business is to use ManyChat. It is a free and paid service that allows you to create a bot for your Facebook page without having to know how to program. In this link you have a tutorial in Spanish on how to create a bot in ManyChat. manychat-real estate

Although ManyChat is the best known, there are several chatbot for Facebook. However, I believe that the companies that offer these services have their days numbered, because soon Facebook will create its own Chatbot system and will charge for it. That your money is taken by these companies; let him stay on Facebook.

Now, these are the 3 chatbots that I consider to be the best on the market besides Many Chat: Mobile Monkey; Structurally and Flowol.

But let us talk about Many Chat. Campaigns that include Facebook Messenger in combination with the Many Chat tool have had open rates and clicks with unthinkable results. We have verified this in a couple of campaigns that we have prepared for real estate agents in Colombia and Spain.

The open rate that Messenger gives you allows you to create a list of subscribers interested in your properties, with the great advantage of being able to meet these people thanks to the fact that you can see their responses along with their profiles, since their responses are linked to their Facebook public profile.

All this can make it through Many chat which has a free version, (and pay with many benefits) , with access to needed to start and learn to deal with this tool, and get good results.

Many chats work in automatic (or almost) and it is tempting to delegate the entire communication task to save time. So, remember that the important thing in social networks is contact and conversation. So even if you have a nice and fun chatbot, you must take care and check the messages, so that the user knows that you are there. The bot is your “secretary” does not replace you.

The functions that you can perform are several:

  • Automated welcome messages. Chatbot-on-your-real estate-website
  • Create a link to subscribe to your list.
  • Subscription to your list through a keyword in the comments.
  • Send messages as to a mailing list.
  • Schedule message sequences: Day 1 Welcome message – Day 2 Reminder message – Day 3 Farewell message.

It is quite easy to configure Many Chat. Like everything, it has its tricks and its learning process; but it’s just as easy to set up as an email marketing auto responder.

Of course, the open rate is higher than that of email, because 95% of shipments reach their recipient. Many Chat is an excellent way of a first contact to get the email or phone number of your clients.

The system does not allow you to use bold, italics etc..; So just like in a Facebook post, use emoticons to express and highlight what is most important and keep your messages short and specific.

Ready for the Future Real Estate? The revolution of the “bots” or “chatbots” is here. I hope this article helps you understand that you need to install a chatbot as soon as possible on your website and on your landing pages.